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Bondi Wash Laundry Wash

Bondi Wash Laundry Wash


A Laundry Wash crafted entirely from plant-derived ingredients, suitable for a wide range of fabric types. Its high pH ensures superior cleaning for your everyday laundry needs.


This versatile formula can be used for both machine and hand washing, leaving a subtle fragrance post-wash. Free from sulphates, synthetic fragrances, petroleum distillates, PEGs, enzymes, optical brighteners, bleach, EDTA, or quaternium, it offers a gentle and non-toxic solution. 


Enriched with natural enzymes, this Australian-made product guarantees effective cleaning while maintaining its eco-friendly credentials.


A 500ml bottle provides up to 50 hand washes or 25 machine washes, and is available in the refreshing scent of Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender.

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