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Nana Huchy, Caz the Koala

Nana Huchy, Caz the Koala


Caz is a fearless & high-spirited gal. Her latest mission in life is to bring shy Keith the Koala out of his shell. So far, she has persuaded him to explore some different eucalypt forests with her where the leaves are extra juicy & green. She is also trying to convince Keith to stop doing the bidding of bossy Karen the Crocodile, although this might take some time given that Keith trembles in terror any time Caz mentions the name ‘Karen’. With Caz’s fun-loving, laid-back attitude, she may be the most popular of all the Aussie Animals, not to mention the cuddliest. She’s even thinking of starting her own tour-guide business: Caz’s Cuddly Cruises. Free cuddles for all aboard! 

Suitable for 0+

  • Sizing

    Measures 30cm


  • Product Care

    Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.

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