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Nana Huchy Mrs Hunny Bunny

Nana Huchy Mrs Hunny Bunny


Mr & Mrs Honey run a bee-keeping farm up on the Sunshine Coast. A trail-blazer in the world of natural health, Mrs Honey Bunny has long preached the medicinal benefits of raw honey, as well as the healing power of Vitamin D. It took her a while to convince her cautious husband to leave the comfort of their burrow & commit to a lifestyle above ground, but the pair haven't looked back. Their mischievous children, Baby Honey Bunny Girl & Baby Honey Bunny Boy, are usually willing to lend a (sticky) paw in the art of honey-collecting, & neighbouring berry-farmer mates the Honey Bears are always coming up with helpful schemes & collaborations to boost both families' businesses. 


Our delectably soft Honey Bunnies are a dream for bunny enthusiasts everywhere—why not collect the whole fluffy family? Mr & Mrs Honey Bunny are the perfect size to keep at home & snuggle up to in bed, whereas our smaller Baby Honey Bunniesare ideal to take out & about on adventures. 

Suitable for 0+

  • Sizing

    Measures 40cm


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